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I just wanted to thank you so much! 
Everything we covered was a huge help to me, and I'm sure it will be forever.

Meg, 15


You have topped up her confidence
right at a time when she will need to stay strong with the new school year. Thank you!

Leah, mother


You have been so inspiring
along with all the other guest teachers.

Yasmin, 14

Learn from world-class experts + youth mentors

Learn alongside teens + tweens around the world from our youth mentors + experts in over 18 countries, about the things they don't usually teach you in school, including:

resilience + self-love
activism + purpose
climate anxiety to climate courage
friendships + relationships
yoga + movement
ethical + natural make up + skincare
study skills + focus
entrepreneurship + money skills

How it works:

With your monthly membership, your young person will be have access to new LIVE classes every month and will have the option to select from our vault of pre-recorded classes too.

Register below to ensure you get first access for you and your young person to our week of free classes, our version of 'O-Week'!

Come and learn from world-class artists and activists in this one-off live panel featuring contemporary Aboriginal artist Rachael Sarra, indie pop singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell and social entrepreneur Mikhara Ramsing. Hosted by Amanda Rootsey. 
Meet some of our facilitators...
Belinda Jennings

As an adult I realised that school never prepared me for life. I wasn't equipped for having rocking relationships, managing my money or looking after my body and mind. Or surviving a pandemic.

I started my own online school because I believe for a really fulfilling life young people need more time to explore themselves, relationships, health and wellbeing... and less of algebra and volcanoes.

Located in Melbourne VIC, Australia

Ali Collier

Youth Mentor for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults, focusing on helping them realise how amazing they are right now!

Specialising in Self Love & Self Care, Confidence & Self Esteem, Anxiety & Stress and Body Image.

Located in Perth WA, Australia

Adefolashade Fadeyi

The Brighter Girls team is led by her founder Adefolashade Fadeyi, a Person Development Expert for Teens. A Certified Girl Empowerment Coach, Trained Youth Mentor and a Curriculum Developer with over 15 years of experience working with teen girls. Her dream to work with girls started as a teen which led her to speaking to girls in secondary schools within her community. She went on to co-found a Girl organization in her university where she organized programs centered on faith and girl empowerment.

She has since continued to work with hundreds of girls in different capacities. She’s run teen workshops in churches and schools, created signature workshops, organised parenting conferences and served on parent and teachers association board. A sought after speaker, Adefolashade was the speaker at the 2019 Valedictory Service at the British International School, Lagos.

Located in Lagos, Nigeria

Jenna Lee

Jenna is a YA fiction and non-fiction author, coach and mentor supporting daring women and teens to confidently express themselves through writing.

Located in Melbourne VIC, Australia

Bec Coldicutt

Bec Coldicutt is a teacher, youth mentor, certified life coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Inspired by what she was seeing in her classroom and beyond, Bec was called to create Rebel Starseeds; a deeply heart-focused business helping girls learn that intelligent, purposeful rebellion leads to an empowered and inspiring life! She works with girls to help them learn self-empowerment, discover the real meaning of self-love, and bounce out of those limiting belief patterns we tend to find ourselves in.

Through Rebel Starseeds and her work in schools, Bec provides workshops, programmes and one-on-one mentoring to girls and their families. Bec also teaches Reiki as a powerful tool for self-love and healing.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand

Kathleen Saelens

Kathleen Sylvia Saelens is a speaker, author and entrepreneur whose body of work unveils the untapped power and potential inside a woman’s being.

She initiates women on the Priestess Path & teaches business, prosperity and leadership from the lensing of the Feminine Divine, in response to the rising global call for a deepened reclamation of the power of the feminine.

Her work with THE HOUSE OF UNFURLING™ gives a fresh and complete framework guiding women to live deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives through private mentoring, retreats and deeply nourishing online programmes.

She lives in Belgium, Europe, with her teenage daughters, husband, and menagerie of treasured pets.

Located in Belgium

Amanda Rootsey

Amanda Rootsey is the best-selling author of Shine from Within; a teen's guide to life (Hay House), a youth mentor and a certified life and business coach. Through her training school, Shine From Within, Amanda has helped thousands of teens and tweens to develop their confidence and now trains adults around the world to be inspiring youth mentors through the award-winning Youth Mentor Training.

She's passionate about living gently and being kind to yourself, the planet and others (including our animal friends). In a 'past life' she modelled in Italy, beat stage 4 cancer (boom!) and has lived off the grid in a shipping container (because: planet + fun!). 

Located in Meanjin (Brisbane QLD) Australia

Sarah Found

Sarah Found is a youth mentor, marketing and communications director in the high-tech industry, storyteller and Positive Psychology Practitioner. Inspired by challenges faced in her own youth, Sarah felt pulled to positive psychology and helping girls not just overcome challenges, but in time thrive and flourish because of them.

Through All Girls Can Fly for younger girls and the teen inspired program, Girl inPowered, Sarah focuses on fun and creative ways to connect girls to themselves and each other through positive psychology tools and the power of storytelling. It’s Sarah’s mission to help girls see themselves in a new light and that everything they need to get through challenge and change is already inside of them.

Located in Canada

Noelle Fritsch

Noelle is a trained mentor, teacher and the owner of Sparks to Flames, which provides empowerment workshops for girls. Sparks to Flames was established from overcoming her own experiences of bullying as a teen and wanting to share those lessons to empower girls to be themselves.
Through workshops such as, "Beating the Bully by Being Me," young people are able to identify unique strategies to apply to their own bullying situation to successfully overcome it, embrace their individuality and to feel empowered.

Located on the Central Coast, NSW Australia

Samantha Thomas

Sam is a certified Life Coach who studied with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy in Australia. She has also studied Positive Psychology online through the University of North Carolina, has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Technology, Sydney and is a Shine From Within Youth Mentor. 

Sam graduated as a life coach in 2014 and she's spent the last 4.5years as the in-house life coach for Asia’s number one wellness retreat, Phuket Cleanse. During her time in Phuket, Sam facilitated more than 400 workshops on a wide range of topics related to holistic wellbeing and travelled internationally to deliver these workshops in Paris, London, Portland, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Sam's favourite topic to teach people about is self-love, as she believes the relationship you have with yourself impacts all of your choices and behaviours and if you can make this the kindest relationship of your life, then your whole world can positively transform. 

Located in Sydney, NSW Australia

Nicole Dargie

Nicole Dargie is the founder of Inside Out Beauty empowerment education for teens and tweens. She is a holistic facilitator running fun hands on-courses in the area of empowerment focusing on positive inner self-image, identity and authentic beauty. She teaches make-up and beauty as well as yoga and mind-strengthening life skills.  She does this both independently and also in schools.

Nicole is also a Yoga Teacher and Make-up Artist having worked with women for over 20 years, and is also a mother to two children. As a passionate advocate for self-love Nicole’s message is clear; in an era and age with obsession of outer self-image and social media, its time to bust the beauty myth and build a new generation of strong young women from the inside out. With a focus on inner beauty and embracing the feminine to understanding the brain and how to harness its creative strengths through this most magical transition and transformation into young adulthood.

Located in Sydney, NSW Australia

Dee Shepherd

I have a background in business, events and marketing and contemporary theatre - acting, writing, directing and I'm a fully qualified hairdresser too (I love being creative!). I currently also work in a secondary school (11-16yrs) as a Cover Supervisor too - which I also thoroughly love! Infact, it was because of working in this environment and because of my own teenage girls, that I knew I had to re-direct my potential and passion for working with tweens and teens. So, I set my mind to developing my existing skills and began my own journey of further self-discovery and development too.... and here I am, on my way and already qualified as a Youth Mentor, after graduating from the ‘Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training Programme.’ In addition to this, I am also further developing my listening and helping skill set too, as I am back in higher education and currently re-training to specialise as a Youth Counsellor - all to enable me to be the best support that I can be, for all of you who join; The Pearl Girl Project and its community. 

Located in England, UK

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included?

This monthly membership includes 10 live classes each month on a range of topics. Recordings will be made available to watch at any time and there will be an option to access the back catalogue of classes too. Essentially it's an interactive version of an educational Netflix just for teens and tweens!

What age are the classes for?

The classes are great for anyone aged 10 through to 18.  During our pilot round of casual classes we had a variety of ages in each class and our facilitators are experienced in navigating what comes up from each student to ensure it's supportive and nurturing for everyone. 

How long do the classes go for?

Each class will go for approximately one hour. 

Who are the facilitators?

The facilitators and support personnel on all live classes have gone through a rigorous application process, training and continued support and up-skilling. They have completed 4 months and 60+ hours of our award-winning Youth Mentor Training in addition to the many skills and expertise they already have in their chosen fields. The Youth Mentor Training covers duty of care, understanding teen psychology, engagement in a fun, nurturing and supportive way, being aware of what to look out for with more serious issues and more.

While not legally required to facilitate online classes in this way, our facilitators must have a current working with children check (or equivalent for their country and state), must have completed a number of implicit bias tests to ensure they are inclusive and self-aware and must abide by our very detailed Code of Conduct to ensure the privacy, safety and enjoyment of each of our students. If you would like more information on any of this or to see a copy of our Code of Conduct, please email info@shinefromwithin.com.au

Our facilitators come from all over the world including Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK and represent a variety of cultural and social identities. 

Do you offer refunds?
There will be a month-to-month membership fee so you can cancel at any time. Refunds for the current month will not be refunded other than where mandatory by consumer laws. If your young person is not happy with a class we welcome your feedback and would love to have a conversation with you about other ways we may be able to support you.
Can parents attend the classes?
No. Parents are welcome to watch the recordings (and we find this can be quite beneficial as you can then have a conversation to deepen the learning with your young person and have the context of what was discussed) but we'd prefer to keep the classes as parent-free zones so the young people feel more comfortable having open and honest conversations (if they choose to participate - they're welcome just to attend!). 
Can I view the classes on my phone?
Absolutely! We'll use Zoom for the live classes which works great on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We've got links to supporting docs if you have any troubles joining in the member's portal. 
What if I can't make it live?
No problems! While we encourage everyone to join live so they can participate in group discussions, we'll record the classes so you can watch it whenever it suits you. 
What if I don't want my child to be recorded?
We'll ensure that each student is reminded that they can keep their video off if they choose and encourage them to only use their first name when participating in a class to protect their privacy. If you have specific concerns about this please reach out - info@shinefromwithin.com.au.
More questions? 
Get in touch with us at info@shinefromwithin.com.au with any questions or to book in a chat. We're always here for you. 

Register below to ensure you get first access for you and your young person to our week of free classes, our version of 'O-Week'!

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Shine from Within welcomes students of all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds, and of all identities, and all abilities. Shine from Within is LGBTQIA+ friendly and all genders are welcome to all classes. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about this.

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